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Enrolling Coaching Clients Doesn’t Have to Be a Struggle… One of the most effective ways to start enrolling more paying coaching clients, is to pick a niche. BUT, it’s not enough to “just pick a niche,” you have to pick it carefully, making sure you pick a niche that’s monetizable! Of course, it’s easier said than done, as most coaches struggle with this tremendously when they start their coaching business; feeling that if they commit to a “niche,” they’ll miss out on millions of other potential clients… except, even months and years later, very few of those “millions of potential clients” hire these nicheless coaches. Niche Marketing Made Easy I’m inviting you to a Niche-Discovery Quest, to explore what Ideal Client would be the best fit for you… how to make sure you can find them easily… AND give you some tips on how to become seen as the perfect fit - the perfect solution - for their needs! Capitalize On Your Strengths You’ll go through a series of exercises to find your strengths, and I’ll help you see how you can build a stronger coaching business by capitalizing fully on these strengths. Debunking “Niching” Myths Picking a niche doesn’t have to be like marriage! I’ll show you how to test out the “niches” that can get you paying clients in the shortest time. It’ll be up to you whether you want to stick with a niche or not… And… you’ll also learn that most people use the term “Niche” to mean different things, and that too is often the source of newer coaches’ frustration. It’s hard to pick a niche when the meaning of it is fuzzy or if it means different things to different people. Finally get a clear picture of what a Niche is and how to tame it to you advantage. Use Your New Niche to Get Rich! Ok… I just had to throw that in, as it rhimes :) - “niche”/”rich” - but, yes, having a Niche that is monetizable will make all the difference! Once you know WHO you are targeting and learn to clearly express HOW you can help your Ideal Clients, enrolling paying clients - and selling Group Coaching services - will become exponentially easier. For most of us it’s not necessarily about getting “rich,” but rather about making enough to live a comfortable life and be able live on purpose, without stressing about how to pay our bills. And, yes, for us coaches, having a Profitable Niche is the first step towards achieving all that! GET STARTED WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK! Complete the first Module / 4 Missions at NO COST! And if you find it helpful, you can sign up for the rest of the Modules for $27.00 One-Time Fee; OR if you’d like to join E.G. Sebastian’s Bi-Weekly Gruop coaching calls, Sign up for only $97.00/Month! 100% 60-DAYS MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! After implementing the strategies shared in the exercises within the quest, you either find your Profitable Niche and get at least 1 paying client in the next 60-days, or you can request 100% of your money back!

E.G. Sebastian (Ervin Giulius Sebastian) is the author of "Communication Skills Magic" and co-author of "BACK OFF! Your Kick-Ass Guide to Ending Workplace Bullying"; he is the founder of, and creator of multiple online and offline programs. He is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), certified through iPec Coaching.

He's been coaching since 2003 - started as a Leadership Development Coach; then in 2009 transitioned into Small Business (Start-up) and Marketing Coaching.

One of E.G.'s main passions is to help his clients develop products (publish books, create online products, develop group coaching programs, etc.). In the past close to 20 years, he helped more than 100 coaches, consultants, and speakers publish books and create online and offline programs & products.

Say HI to him within this quest (even in the FREE Modules) and let him know what your goals and challenges are on Product Creation and promoting your online or offline program. He always makes time to answer the questions posted.


Enjoy your quest and make sure to participate often in the Community - ask questions, share successes, and support others!

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Success Stories

  • George Hendley

    A Trusted Resource

    "You know you have found someone terrific to work with when they generously offer their help to assist you in a project you are working on not expecting a dime or special recognition in return. E.G. has that kind of attitude and willingness and shows his professionalism and expertise when you consult with him and allow him to share his knowledge and experience freely. He is a trusted resource and someone who I can easily recommend to those considering hiring him in his areas of expertise. You will get more than you paid for, every time."

  • Deaunna Evans

    Dedicated to Success

    "It was a great day when I stumbled across “My Client Attraction Academy” and became acquainted with E.G. Sebastian. First and foremost E.G. deeply cares about the people he serves and is dedicated to their success. He has constructed what I believe to be the best business training membership site on the Internet! The weekly email training and video tutorials are first rate. Every time I have a question I go to this site and feel like I have hit the ‘mother lode’ of resources to help move my business to the next level! You cannot go wrong when you choose E.G. Sebastian and My Client Attraction Academy."

  • Jason Turner

    Worth Every Penny

    "E.G. is a phenomenal person who gives generously his time and knowledge. I have been lucky enough to have come in contact with him this year through some of our mutual groups we belong to and appreciate his insight and services. E.G.’s client attraction system is worth every penny no matter what business you are in. It is highly adaptable and easy to follow. If you want a guy who knows marketing and knows what he is talking about, E.G. is your man!!!"

  • Tiffany Anisette

    A Wealth of Knowledge

    "E.G has a wealth of knowledge and information in the speaking industry. With his coaching services I was able to start my paid speaking business. He goes above and beyond in our sessions, he holds nothing back because he wants to see his clients succeed. With his help I got to start living my purpose and affect women’s lives all across America . If someone is in need for a paid-speaker mentor/coach I highly recommend E.G. Sebastian."

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